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Finding Fate is a visual narrative of my connection with my grandmother and my destiny as a painter. I’ve chosen to look deeper into why I have become who I am as an artist. Even though my grandmother died when I was just three years old, her presence in this world has impacted me to this day.   The first painting I ever completed was with my grandmother’s oil paint set. I feel that it is only fitting I finish my degree in painting with the same oil set. 

I moved into my grandparent’s house after they passed away, and I was surrounded by their possessions. I was always drawn to my grandmother’s belongings, and in a way, I tried to emulate who I thought she was.  I know that she would have loved to be here to celebrate my accomplishment, and I feel that this is the best way I could have included her.


Finding Fate

DeVries Student Gallery, Richmond Center, Western Michigan University, Gwen Frostic School of art, Kalamazoo, MI

Finding Fate

Nature Verses Nurture