Philosophy of Education


Philosophy of Education

Education provides the essential information a child needs to base the rest of his or her life on. From future employment to basic communication, education serves as the building block for success.  As a teacher it is my privilege to provide my students with the tools and skills they need to succeed.

Art is key to a well-rounded education.  Art education connects visual knowledge to other academic subjects, which has been proven to help students in other academic classes.  Artists are expressive visual communicators, problem solvers, and critical thinkers, all attributes needed for our future generations to be able to compete in this ever-changing job market.  I feel that it is my responsibility to help students to cultivate their creativity and expand their knowledge of the arts.

Being an art teacher is more than telling students how to hold a brush and make a stroke; it is providing them the match and watching them light the fire for art.  I get pure joy when I am able to encourage and guide students with their work and projects. This joy I get solidifies the choice I have made to become an art teacher.

High school was when I first became interested in the idea of pursuing a career in art education.  My art teacher Carol Johnson had tremendous passion dealing with unruly students while keeping the class work flowing. She is a woman to be reckoned with; dealing with more than six different levels of art classes, along with a pottery class. This teacher’s work ethic, incredible knowledge of the arts, and pure talent has inspired me to become a teacher. 

I believe as a teacher it is important to continually strive for personal improvement for the betterment of myself and my students.  Teachers must be willing to push their students to try their best, but also know when to step back and see how the student does on their own. Treating every student fairly and making it clear to the students what I expect out of them is key to having a productive classroom. 

Another key factor of teaching that I feel very strongly about is teaching to multiple learning styles.   I know first hand that learning in a multiple learning styles environment leads to a successful student.  I have a form of dyslexia and for the majority of my elementary year’s k-4 this was overlooked and I was doing poorly in school. It was not until my fifth grade teacher took notice and worked one on one with me that I found successes in school. She taught me many valuable methods that I continue to use today.   By using visuals, written directions, and verbal communication of assignment student of all learning styles can fully understand the assignment. Taking into consideration students learning style will help me alter the way I present information to best suit each student, in turn creating a successful student.

To be able to instruct and guide students it is a gift and as a teacher it is imperative that I use that gift in a constructive way to improve my student’s minds and lives. Attending a well-rounded School is important for children because it equips them with foundational information that will help them succeed in life.