Technology is a great resource to the classroom; it should be used to improve a lesson, not take the place of one. I look at technology like a good paintbrush; if you know how to use it correctly you can create a masterpiece, but if you don’t use it correctly it can ruin the painting.

Photoshop Mixed Portrait

Students used Photoshop to create an alternative self portrait composed of a classmate’s image and several historical artworks. Students learned the fundamental functions of Photoshop and the importance of self portraits. They also learned how the concept of self portraits were approached in the past by reviewing and using historical images.   


The lesson helps shed a new light on self-portraits and the way artists approach them. This assignment introduces basic tools and functions of Photoshop while allowing students to explore basic art vocabulary such as contrast, cropping, blending, etc.  This exercise gives students some artistic license and creative freedom to choose whom they will incorporate with their own face as well as which artwork they will choose for the background. This type of freedom is a practice that will help them develop into artists over time. 

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