I want to inspire the love of art in every child by cultivating the students’ natural talent. It is my goal to increase each student’s confidence as an artist and as a developing person. My involvement in your program will enrich the overall environment through the Arts.


Bachelor of Fine Arts  Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

MAJOR: Art Education                                   MAJOR: Painting        

   GPA 3.66 December 2010

Certification: Michigan Provisional Certificate (Highly Qualified):

K-12 Visual Arts Education (LQ)


        Elementary Art teacher  September 2013- Current                               K-4th Grade

North and Green Meadow Comstock Elementary School, Kalamazoo, MI

- Created an elementary art curriculum

- Collaborated art curriculum with core classes

- Ran art department fundraisers and wrote grants.

  1. -Hosted elementary district wide art shows.

  2. -Entered students work into the KIA Young Artist’s show

        Long Term Substitute Teaching November-June 2012-2013              y5-6th Grade

                Ferry and Robinson Elementary School, Grand Haven, MI

            -Developed lessons that were age appropriate.

            -Students explored a wide range mediums

        Long Term Substitute Teaching September-November 2012            9th-12th Grade

        Watervliet High School, Watervliet, MI

    -Taught basic and advanced art as well as ceramics

    - Designed lessons and projects

    -Managed large classes

Long Term Substitute Teaching  November-February 2011-2012   9th -12th Grade

Paw Paw High School, Paw Paw, MI

- Displayed student art work in library and in showcases on a weekly rotation.

- Taught basic and advanced drawing, ceramics, painting, and graphic design.

- Worked one-on-one with students assisting with projects.

Lead Teacher   June- August 2011                                K-6th Grade

South Haven Center for the Arts, South Haven, MI

- Taught and created a variety of lessons that were age appropriate.

- Managed a studio environment with several ages at once.

Long Term Substitute Teaching  March-May 2010               6th -8th Grade

Watervliet Middle School, Watervliet, MI

- Taught and created a variety of lessons that introduced students to multitude of mediums to produce a well-rounded curriculum.

- Worked one-on-one with students assisting with projects.

Intern Teacher August - December 2010                                                        6th -8th Grade

Paw Paw Middle Schools, Paw Paw, MI

- Created a workshop environment that actively engaged 6th-8th graders with constructive and complex art projects.

- Integrated multiple intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy, diversified instruction and other teaching strategies into my lessons.

- Incorporated the Michigan Standards and Benchmarks for the Arts into quality art lesson plans.

- Designed projects that worked with a variety of mediums to produce a well-rounded curriculum.

- Modified and accommodated assignments for students with special needs.

After School Elementary Art Teacher February - April 2010                        3rd -5th Grade

Edison Elementary Environmental Science Academy, Kalamazoo, MI

- Designed multicultural projects and celebrated diversity.

- Created an environment that allowed student to explore their own artistic expressions.

- Students were involved with higher order thinking by use of personal reflection of their art and others.

Saturday Morning Art Teacher October - December 2009                           6th -8th Grade

Western Michigan University, Gwen Frostic School of Art, Kalamazoo, MI

- Incorporated technology based assignments.

- Created a thematic unit based on self-exploration.

- Implemented and stressed the importance of the Principals and Elements of Design into the curriculum.

- Designed and executed a student exhibition.

Pre-internship February - March 2009                                                      7th -8th Grade

Hillside Middle School, Kalamazoo, MI
- Observed classroom management strategies
- Demonstrated the craft of illusion to make objects appear three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface.
- One-on-one assistance with personal logos and ceramic projects.

Pre-internship September - October 2008                                                 

Moorsbridge Elementary, Portage, MI
            - Observed cross-curricular assignments.
            - One-on-one assistance.


Student Art Exhibit 2010

Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Monroe-Brown Gallery, Kalamazoo, MI

            - Display of student’s work that they created during Saturday morning art.

            - This gave students the ability to learn how to mount their work to make a nice presentation.

            - Gallery was open to families and the community to view student’s art.

“Those Who Can Do Teach” 2009

Kohrman Gallery 2121, Kalamazoo, MI

            - I was the curator of the gallery that displayed art works from art educators.

            - The gallery was available for viewing during 2009 Michigan Art Education Conference.


Art Skills

            - [Painting] oil painting, acrylic painting, water color painting.

            - [Ceramics] hand building, wheel throwing, glazing, firing.

            - [Presentation] matting, dry mounting, framing.

            - [Digital imaging] digital photography, digital printing, Photoshop, Aperture.

            - [Fabrication] wooden stretchers, attachment of canvases, wooden frames.

Computer Skills

            - Web site design

            - Microsoft Office

            - PowerPoint

            - Prezi Presentation

            - Adobe Photoshop

            -Pinnacle suite

            -Infinite campus

Areas of Expertise

            -Classroom management

            -Student motivation

            -Interactive learning

            -Visual aid

            -Knowledge of art history

            -Patience and ability to work with disability students


** National Art Education Association (NAEA) and Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA)


**Western Michigan University’s NAEA student chapter president. 2009-2010

                o Prepared and ran meetings

                o Organized fundraiser



625 W G ave.

Kalamazoo, MI 49004