Instruction and Assessment


During my "Creature pot" lesson, I taught children of varying abilities. Through my slide show presentation students receive the information visually, verbally and in written form. Directly after my presentation, students received the information again verbally and visually through my demonstrations. During my demonstration I periodically would test their comprehension of the material to make sure they are listening to me and also understanding what they will have to do on their projects.  After my demonstration students went to their tables and implemented the information that I had just given. I could obviously tell if the students fully understood the techniques taught by how they were creating their creature pot.


Instructional Design and Assessment
Facilitation of learning and achievement of all students.

Creature Pots

This video clip shows just one objective covered in my lesson. Score and Slip is a method artist use to bond two pieces of clay together. This method is extremely important because if a student does not  do it correctly or at all, their creature pot will simply fall apart. This video demonstrates how I teach to multiple intelligences through the use of visual, verbal and written information. Teaching to multiple intelligences helps all of my students better grasp the information. Every student learns in a different way, so by teaching the same material several different ways all my students will be able to understand the lesson.

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